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10 AWESOME CrossFit Tips


1. Listen to your body

Everyday the body is telling you what it needs, food, stretching, rest etc. So when you are exercising make sure you listen to your body and succumb to its needs. Don’t train when you are too tired or train on an empty stomach. Listen to your body and it will show you the way.

2. Neutral spine to reduce injury

We all find it hard to keep the spine neutral while living heavy especially in deadlifts. If we don’t hold it, then the load can force the spine to fold and shoot an intervertebral disc out of the lower back. To prevent this, squeeze the core, control your breathing and use a weight belt if necessary.

3. Double-Unders, it’s all in the wrists

This move is not just skipping, it takes skill and precision. To master it, begin with jumping higher while doing singles. Get to know your pace and tempo. From there it’s all in the wrists, quick small circles is how to move the rope under your feet controlled, yet fast.

4. Mind in the muscle

Your mind plays a large role in your workout results. This organ controls how hard you can push yourself and for how long you can go. So concentrate on putting your mind in your muscle and imagining yourself completing the set. Do this and you will go further than you thought you could.

5. Stretching is your best friend

Stretching is the best way to reduce DOMS and prevent injury. So make sure you perform 15 minutes of stretching post workout. Hold each stretch for 10-15 seconds. Start from head to toe, stretching every muscle along the way.

6. How to build up to the Rope-Climb

One of the hardest CrossFit movements is the Rope-Climb. It requires a lot of upper body strength, skill and balance. First build up your upper body strength through exercises like shoulder presses, push presses, chin ups and pull ups. Then start practising climbing the rope. Wrap your legs around the rope and use this to balance yourself. Then pull yourself up and re-wrap your legs around the rope each time you rise.

7. How to shoulder dislocate

Also known as pass throughs, this exercise is performed to warm up the shoulders and increase mobility. The shoulders are usually quite a tight spot for most athletes so this move is beneficial. Use a PVC or towel, start with hand in front of you and then slowly bring your arms up and over your head till they reach your lower back.

8. Strive with supplements

Supplements are important to your overall health and recovery. Usually we don’t get enough of the minerals, vitamins and enzymes that the body needs daily. So supplements can be beneficial in this way. Supplements are to be used in conjunction with a balanced diet, they are not a meal replacement.

9. Crossed arm grip for sore wrists

When front squatting do you use the clean grip or the crossed arm grip? The crossed arm grip is not usually recommended, as you don’t have as much control over the bar as a clean grip. However if you have wrist pain then the cross armed grip is ok to use. Place the bar on the front of your shoulders and put the opposite hand on the opposite shoulder, hold, squat.

10. CrossFitters! Look after your hip flexors!

A common CrossFit injury is to the hip flexor. CrossFit involves a lot of heavy up and down movements, so the hips only move in one direction. This causes the flexor to become tight and inflamed. To prevent this stretch the hip flexors daily through 1. The pigeon pose. 2. Rolling a tennis ball on your hip.

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Claire Troy

Claire Troy

Claire Trojkovic is a health and fitness expert from Australia. She is also an international fitness model competitor who had won many championships in Australia as well as internationally. The most prestigious being the INBA World Championships in Greece in 2013. In addition to competing Claire has coached and trained amateur and experienced bikini competitors for the last 4 years.

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