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7 Steps to 10K!


I started running (I mean ACTUALLY running, not just a quick lap around the kids field once in a blue moon) in 2012. I always thought of myself as a Phoebe runner. You remember the Friends episode “The One Where Phoebe Runs”? If so, you know what I mean, if not then check it out here to get a good idea. (First 15 seconds)

STEP 1 – Motivation

So what would give me the idea that I should run?? Well, as I have mentioned before, a big motivator is signing up for a non-refundable event. ADDED to this is telling all your friends you are doing it! In this case I signed up for the Tough Mudder – a 12 mile event that involved a lot of running. (I know, nothing like starting small!)

STEP 2 – Consider Orthotics

I discussed orthotics with my doctor. There is a bit craze surrounding barefoot running right now, and if it works for you GREAT! However, I was guessing that some of my running (read: flailing while moving) issues had to do with my feet.

I skipped the Dr. Scholl’s and went straight for custom orthotics. I immediately felt a difference and they were well worth the money for me.

STEP 3 – Start Running – even a little bit – consistently

I would drop my kids off at school at hit that seldom visited field track at least 3 times a week. I started with 2-3K and built it up to 5.

People often start with a particular timed Run/Walk combo. I personally tried to run for as long as I could before I had to walk. Caught my breath and started again. I was going to be doing 12 miles soon and had to push hard!

STEP 4 – Keep Running

Although the Mudder was 12 miles, the longest run was only 3 miles (5K), so I built myself up to 7K and worked improving my time and endurance. While this was good for this particular race, I plateaued and didn’t really push myself further. Which brings us to…

STEP 5 – Find a new motivation!

I signed up for a new race. I knew I could do 5K, so the natural progression seemed to be a 10K. A lot of people I know start with a big Vancouver race called the Sun Run. While I do aspire to run in that, I didn’t want my first 10K to be so big and daunting, so I signed up for a local 10K.

STEP 6 – Figure out your plan

Pull out a calendar and mark the race date on it. Count backwards, see how long you have to reach your goal, and make a plan to get yourself there. You can find many plans online that may match your allotted schedule – use them as is or modify them to match your needs. They are a great place to start!

STEP 7 – Don’t give up!

Most runners plateau at some point. They can’t imagine hitting that goal – 10K seems so far! But don’t give up. It IS doable. Or do what I did…set out on a 6K run day, realize you REALLY have to use the facilities and keep running until you find one…which was unfortunately 6K away from where I started. Which, if you have calculated…is 6K back as well, making it a 12K run! (I admit I walked the last 2 though)


I know that there are a ton of other tips to get to your first 10K, but these were the integral ones for me. I’m now training for my next 10K, and who knows…maybe a 1/2 marathon isn’t too far off in the future!

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Ginger Nasser

Ginger Nasser

Wife and mother of two, she has found a new passion for physical activity! As a young girl, she wasn't attracted to athletics. When she got older she realized it wasn't the athletic part of the activities she didn't like, it was the activities themselves! She needed a bit of adrenaline to keep her interest.
5 years ago she discovered mountain biking, followed quickly by adventure running and CrossFit. And she hasn't looked back! She hopes you will join her on a journey to help more women find it in themselves to try these things too!

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