New Year’s In September


September is like New Years for me. I don’t do resolutions in January, I do them in September! The kids are heading back to school and my regular routine is back in action. What better time is there to make some changes?

So starting tomorrow, the first FULL day of school, I am starting “The September 19 day challenge”.

For my 40th, I did a 40 days to 40 challenge where I committed to working out 30 minutes each day for the 40 days leading up to my 40th birthday. While I enjoy working out, it did prove to be a challenge – therefore I have modified my September challenge just slightly to include only week days.

I have found it is much easier to stick to a challenge such as this if you have a little break to look forward to. It also helps avoid using “heart pounding house cleaning” or “couples cardio” as a workout alternative – which I will admit to using at least one time each (blush).

My personal commitment will include 3 days of weight training and 2 days of running. I’m going to focus on weight training this month, as I have to up my running in October for the New Balance Fall Classic 10K with the Fit4Two team (yes, that’s a pitch for you to join our team! :>)

Let us know YOUR personal commitment!

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Ginger Nasser

Ginger Nasser

Wife and mother of two, she has found a new passion for physical activity! As a young girl, she wasn't attracted to athletics. When she got older she realized it wasn't the athletic part of the activities she didn't like, it was the activities themselves! She needed a bit of adrenaline to keep her interest.
5 years ago she discovered mountain biking, followed quickly by adventure running and CrossFit. And she hasn't looked back! She hopes you will join her on a journey to help more women find it in themselves to try these things too!

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