Salt, Sugar, Fat – The New Cocaine

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I am fascinated by the new studies that say that the salt, sugar and fat combinations in processed foods are engineered to help us reach a bliss point – that point where our “feel good” receptors are firing at full tilt and making us eat more.

In a segment done by Dr. Oz, he showed a brain scan of a cocaine addict watching someone snorting cocaine. Then he showed a brain scan of someone looking at a cheeseburger. Shocking, they are extremely similar. The image is truly unforgettable.

This revelation makes me both relieved and frightened. Relieved that this constant craving for the carb goddess is not my fault. Frightened that even though I know that, I still have troubles resisting.

Maybe they’ll make a patch for sugar cravings one day…


Note: The Dr. Oz segment I mentioned is on his website. The whole thing is worth watching, but the brain scan portion in particular is in Part 2. Watch here.



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Ginger Nasser

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