Top 4 Treks in Europe

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Europe offers some of the best and most famous walking trails the world has to offer. You can walk through mountains, across beaches, up cliffs, down plains. The trail options are endless. We have gathered together the top 4 European treks that will have you putting on your trekking shoes and booking a ticket. So let’s get walking:

1) GR20, France
The GR20 was formed in 1972 to link Calenzana with Conca. Calenzana is in the northwest of the Island of Corsica and Conca in in the southeast. To complete this trek it takes 15 days and a total of 170km. This trek comes in a number 1 because it takes you through Corsica, a mountainous Mediterranean island. The trail includes forests, mountains, snow-capped peaks, cliffs, ice stretches and so much more. The trek is not easy, it’s demanding and challenging. At times the path is rocky and steep and you will come across slippery cliff edges and shaky bridges. The accommodation along the trek is as shaky as the bridges, they are called gîtes but better known as huts. Or you can sleep in a tent but just be aware of the wild animals and the cold.

Trek level – hard

2) West Highland Way, Scotland
The West Highland Way is Scotland’s premier long-distance hiking trail. The trek is 150km long and starts in Milngavie and ends at the base of Scotland’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis. The trail takes the walker along highlands, shores and fjords. This trek is very popular because it follows the roads that the 18th century military took. Then to top it off at the end of the trek the train that stared in Harry Potter will take you back to your original destination.

Trek level – moderate

3) Camino Francés, Spain
The Camino Frances, or French Way, is the last 100km of the Camino de Santiago. The Camino de Santiago is a religious pilgrimage that Christians take to reach the burial place of Saint James. The original trek takes about 1 month but the French way takes about 7 days. And for this reason it is very popular. The trek starts in Sarria and ends in Santiago. Along the way, trekkers will get to enjoy passing by beautiful little towns, enjoy good food and wine, and enjoy meeting pilgrims. On the last day trekkers will get to explore the magic of Santiago Old Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Trek level – Easy

4) Slovenian Mountain Trail, Slovenia
This trek is known to be the oldest trail in all of Europe. It is a well maintained path that was created to connect the Slovenian alps and covers most of the most beautiful, hilly and mountainous areas in Slovenia. The trail starts in Maribor and then follows cliffs, peaks, valleys and plains. It is a circular route, but you can start and stop anywhere along the route. There are huts along the trail, 80 checkpoints and 2 museums. Hikers must obtain a book from the Mountaineering Association of Slovenia with which they can collect stamps from the checkpoints along the way. The full trek takes one month and is over 500km long.

Trek level – Easy to moderate

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