Walk the dog tomorrow? Nope! How dogs promote healthy living.


I have a dog.  A 55 lbs, hyperactive, sometimes barky, sometimes overprotective of me, ball of curly fluff.  Andhow did I acquire such an animal, which coincidently I had no desire to own?  My husband looked at me with those puppy dogs eyes of his own and said, “Please.  It will help me exercise more.”  Well played Matthew.  Well played.

You see, I’m a huge proponent of active and balanced living.  I’m not talking about exercising till I drop and only eating grapefruit.  I’m talking about making choices to be active and eating right daily, and this is all despite my major candy addiction.  So when my hubby proposed something that would mitigate my desire for nagging I caved, and most days I’m happy I did.

Unlike the weight set that is gradually gathering dust in our basement, Molly is a living, breathing member of the family who will be the first to remind us that she needs a walk.  There is no “I’ll do it tomorrow” when an eccentric labradoodle progresses from staring at you, to whining, to barking madly until you grab the leash (and even then she doesn’t stop until it is around her neck and you are leaving the house).

While I can’t say I’m a fan of the early morning walk when I am first donning my coat I definitely feel energized by the time I return.  And sometimes the last thing I want to do when I get home is head to the off-leash dog run so Molly can burn off some steam, but it ends up helping me destress from work and life in general because I’m enjoying the scenery.  Walking a dog is not only active, it’s therapeutic, and especially so on those odd days Matt and I can do it together as a family.

Owning a dog isn’t always easy.  Sometimes there are arguments about whose turn it is to walk her.  Sometimes, because she is a labradoodle, a 30 minute walk isn’t enough and the night collapses into endless, monotonous game of tug-of-war.  But most often, I enjoy the walks, the cuddles and the puppy dog eyes (both from Molly and Matt), and I’m glad I let this lovable animal into our lives.  Now I just have to find a way to make that basement weight set as adorable and demanding and Matt and I will have a lovely set of muscles to show off while we walk her.

christieGuest Blogger: Christie Robertson is a soon-to-be mommy living in Lethbridge, Alberta. She is striving to stay healthy and active throughout her pregnancy and beyond, while working full time in Instructional Design at Lethbridge College.

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Ginger Nasser

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