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What to Wear to Tough Mudder

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This will be my 4th Tough Mudder in Whistler, Briish Columbia, and although the weather has been a bit different every time, I have stuck with the same outfit and never been disappointed. This Tough Mudder clothing list is specific to a cold weather event, but many items would be good for any weather as well.
A long sleeved base layer. The first year I did it was the nicest weather of the three and I wore it the whole time. Last year was the coldest. There were many people that left the race early because they weren’t dressed appropriately. I was still freezing myself but made it through! I personally wear an Icebreaker Long Sleeve Crewe.
Long technical pants. You WILL GET WET! You want something that will wick away as much water as possible. You WILL BE CRAWLING in mud with pebbles. Protect your knees with long pants. They also keep you warm. I’ve worn different pants each year. This year I’m going to go with Old Navy. I really like their fit and they are inexpensive if I end up wrecking them.
Short sleeve technical shirt. Pick crazy a color, get it printed with a team name, or put crazy sayings all over it. Have fun! But do not pick cotton. Also, if it happens to be warmer than expected, you can shed your base layer, wrap it around your waist, and cool down in short sleeves.
Gloves. Climbing, crawling, lifting, hanging…gloves are highly recommended. I sometimes take them off during the running parts, but always glad I still have them when I get to the obstacles. I choose inexpensive, light weight paddling gloves from MEC. My last pair has finally given up for ghost (3 TMs, a Mudderella, and a Spartan race), and I’ve had to buy a new pair.
Newish sport socks of any type. Your feet will be soaked. No amount of wicking material will help that. But unstretched sport socks (no 100% cotton) will be your fave accessory you never need to think about. I wore the same pair of technical socks for my second race and was incredibly uncomfortable. They stretched and bulged and I had to stop constantly to adjust them.
No brand new shoes, but not too old of shoes. A lot of people just throw their shoes away after the event cause they are so dirty. I don’t. They actually wash pretty well afterwards. That being said I wouldn’t bring my most favourite new shoes. I also wouldn’t bring my rattiest. This is a long race. Protect your body with the right equipment.
Orthotics. If you need them, wear them. I have worn them each time and was so happy. It scuffs them up a bit, but they also do wash fairly well. I wouldn’t want to run that far without them.
Underwear. Sports bra of course, but I also recommend sport undies. Again, you will be wet, but wet cotton makes it suck even more.
Water and Gels. Don’t need them. The first year I did it, it was a necessity as the course had some “growing up” to do. But they have it nailed now. Water, toilets and nutrition stops all along the way.

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