What Is WarriorGrrrls?


It is not about being the fastest and the fittest, or even about doing incredibly risky things.
It is about regular women surprising themselves at what they can do.

WarriorGrrrls will inspire, motivate and encourage women of all ages to push their boundaries and challenge themselves to experience fitness in new, fun and adventurous ways.

Inspire and Motivate

  • Inspirational stories of real, everyday women
  • Biographies of brave women in history
  • Regular articles on fitness, nutrition, travel and lifestyle

Equip and Outfit

  • Reviews and recommendation on latest gear and technology
  • A line of WarriorGrrrls brand clothing and accessories that are fun, functional and fashionable


WarriorGrrrls believes that sports and leadership go hand in hand, and that it should be fostered at a young age. We move forward with a vision to:

  • Educate, facilitate and advocate opportunities for girls and women
  • Identify and raise funds for/donate toward special projects