A Daring Grandmother


Dawn is a wife, mother, grandmother and mortgage loan officer in Three Rivers, Michigan. She’s also one of the growing number of women worldwide who CrossFit. When she joined, she was a newcomer to fitness and was nervous to start something that seemed far beyond her skills level. But she was motivated to stick with it in order to be a healthier grandma for her 5 “grands.” It’s been over a year since she started, and Dawn is thankful for all the ways CrossFit’s regular fitness sessions have changed her life. This woman’s story is an encouragement to all of us! Here’s a bit more about Dawn’s CrossFit journey.

WarriorGRRRLS: Why/how did you first become involved with CrossFit?

Dawn: I was diagnosed a little over a year ago with Type II Diabetes. I knew I needed to incorporate a regular daily exercise program into my lifestyle. [Being a] Mortgage Loan Officer is extremely demanding on my time. I do not have time to go to a gym and needed something I could do anytime and anyplace. CrossFit offers quick 20 minute super intense workouts that are easy to fit into my lifestyle.

WarriorGRRRLS: How does CrossFit challenge you physically, emotionally and/or mentally?

Since [starting] CrossFit, I have lost weight, am physically stronger, my diabetes is controlled with no meds and all these things combined have brought me to a much better place mentally. I have way more energy to meet the demands of my career and family life.

WarriorGRRRLS: Were you nervous or afraid to start CrossFit? If so, why and what ultimately motivated you to give it a try?

I was very nervous and afraid. I didn’t think there was any way I could measure up to the CrossFitters that I have seen. I just didn’t think I had it in me. But, after taking a few onramp [i.e. introductory] classes, I soon realized that I did have what it takes. Everyone starts at their own personal fitness level and soon you notice you are getting stronger and more fit at every workout.

WarriorGRRRLS: What would you tell women who are afraid or nervous to start a challenging physical fitness activity like CrossFit?

I now tell them that I wouldn’t start any program other than CrossFit. I know because I’ve tried them all and got burned out after a couple months. CrossFit is not like the others—you start at your own pace and challenge yourself to do better than you did the day before. And the best part is you get better results by only doing 10-20 minutes of intense workout 4 days a week than you do going to a gym for 2 hours running and weight lifting.

WarriorGRRRLS: Is CrossFit a cult? How do you respond to people who claim it is?

I say, there are “Evil Cults” and their our “Good Cults” and Crossfit is for sure a “Good Cult”…one that has made me a much healthier person physically, mentally & emotionally.

WarriorGRRLS: How has CrossFit benefited other areas of your life besides your fitness level?

Well, the “Old Dawn” would have never been able to get her behind out of a lounge chair at the beach to save her drowning grandchild. But, the “New Dawn” certainly could! I challenge all my grandma friends with that same scenario: “How would you feel if your grandchild was screaming for life at the beach and you couldn’t get yourself out of the lounger to save them and they drowned?” I realized that me being out of shape could very possible cost one of my grandchildren their lives.

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