Who is Ginger?

I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend. And I proudly provide the services that those titles suggest: chef, housekeeper, errand runner, PAC mom, event coordinator, mediator, Mrs. Fix-It, teacher, chauffeur, accountant, coffee clutcher, back-rubber, and yes – lingerie model. I’m sure I’ve missed some!

I am all those things and enjoy every minute. However, I know that I also have to find time for myself. And because that means taking time away from those that are most important to me, I need to make sure that I am doing something that I enjoy and challenges me!

My sport of choice right now is Crossfit! Aerobics is great exercise, but for me it doesn’t provide a “buzz”. I need a challenge that creates “I did it!” feeling at the end. That doesn’t mean it needs to be death-defying, just something that pushes my limits, and if I get a few sexy warrior muscles in the end, all the better!