Apple a Day

An Apple A Day – 10 Best Tips for a Healthy Life

Okay, I know we all KNOW these things. And we also know that a simple apple won’t solve all our problems.

But sometimes its good to be reminded. We scoured for the most often recommended tips to help maintain a healthy life so you can go after your action and adventure more often! (Or just get out of bed in the morning feeling great!)

1) Don’t Skip Breakfast

Let’s say it one more time DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST! Many people are now doing Intermittent Fasting, and if that’s you are following a plan that works for you. But if you are not, a good morning breakfast helps you lose weight and boosts your energy levels. Studies have shown that breakfast skippers tend to gain weight. A balanced breakfast should include protein like eggs, whole grains like oats and a juice.

2) Up Your Water Intake

It’s not called the liquid of life for no reason! Water is the body’s most important element. Water is key to stimulating weight loss, keeping the body hydrated and maintaining energy levels. So make sure you are drinking more than 2L of water a day. Keep a bottle of water next to your bed, on your office desk and in your bag.

3) Booze-Be-Gone!

The harsh truth is that alcohol is not good for you. As soon as you drink alcohol, the body gives it immediate digestive attention and forgets about all the other food that requires digesting as well. So with the body focused on your last drink, it cannot properly break down those foods containing fats and carbohydrates. So these calories are stored as body fat. This also leads to a poor immune system causing the body to become more susceptible to getting sick.

4) Opt for Wholefoods

Why not try a whole food diet. The rule is: if you know where it comes from then you can eat it. Whole foods are foods that you can eat in their original form like fruits, nuts, grains, vegetables and meat. Processed foods are not digested well in our bodies and there are so many hidden ingredients that we don’t even know what we are eating anymore. So stick to what you know and what you can see.

5) Be Protein Rich!

Eating protein rich foods will help you lose weight! There is a common misconception among women that eating protein will make you gain weight and look bulky. This is FALSE as protein is the main building block of all muscle. So for a toned and tight body you need to eat approximately 0.8g of protein to 1kg of body weight per day.

6) Choose and Carry Healthy Snacks

We all struggle figuring out what healthy foods to eat in between breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes we turn to chocolate or chips because we don’t know what else to eat that is quick and easy. Sound familiar? Well here are some ideas that are easy and on the go: High protein yogurt, bananas, nuts, natural muesli bars, veggie sticks, boiled eggs and protein balls.

7) Berries for Your Belly

Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries all contain nutrients known as anthocyanidins, which are really beneficial antioxidants. These nutrients help fight against bad bacteria and prevent against a variety of diseases.

8)Move it to Lose It

Exercise is so important for maintain the body’s weight, metabolism, joint health etc. There are so many benefits to exercising. They say that all you need is 30min of walking per day to stay healthy. So try to exercise as much as possible, your body will be thanking you.

9) Mix it Up

Let’s call it a fitness rule: every few weeks you have to mix up your workouts. If you don’t change up your workouts you will find that your body will plateau. This means your body has become use to the workout and does not find it challenging anymore. So mix things up and get creative with your workouts.

10) Take a Supergreen Supplement

Unless you can honestly say you eat enough of the right vegetables, you may want to consider Supergreens. One scoop of supergreen powder is equivalent to 10 serves of vegetables. Supergreens improve the immune systems, help nutrient absorption, increase energy levels, equalizes your mood and prevents illnesses. There are many different types of supergreens like spirulina, barley grass or wheat grass. Might be worth checking it out!

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