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Too many girls stop physical activity in their teens. Too many women are scared to push themselves into an adventure. WarriorGrrrls is about inspiring women to greater physical activity. It is not about being the fastest and the fittest, or even about doing incredibly risky things. It is about regular women surprising themselves at what they can do.

Powerful Quotes to Empower Women

Our clothing line is printed with inspiring quotes to remind you to empower yourself to be a bit more daring, push your boundaries out and extend your horizons. Our intention is for you to find the courage to turn Why into Why Not!

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Empowering Women to Greater Success

Warriorgrrls is a small Canadian Women’s clothing brand that seeks to inspire women to become more physically active and find out they can do more than they believe they can.

Many women stop being active in their teens and then believe they cannot get back to the level of physical strength they once had. Often women are frightened to push themselves physically.

Warriorgrrrls hopes to change that! We intend that our inspirational clothing line, with powerful quotes, help to empower you and the women around you to be a bit more daring and find that your limits are beyond what you believe.

Tell Your Story

The Warriorgrrl brand is all about you and what you can do.

Many of our clients have pushed themselves and found personal success, some of their stories are below.

We want to hear about you, what is your story? What is your motivation? What is the next big thing you want to do?

Let us know if you have a quote you would like to see. Let us know what products you would like to see.

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RealGRRRLs - Inspiring Stories

Fear of failing, looking silly, getting hurt...these are all things that stop us from trying something we think is scary.
We all have a warrior inside waiting to get out, discover what these women do to embrace life!

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