Bringing out the warrior in every woman.

It is not about being the fastest and the fittest, or even about doing incredibly risky things. It is about regular women surprising themselves at what they can do.


Our Vision

WarriorGrrrls will inspire, motivate and encourage women of all ages to push their boundaries and challenge themselves to experience life in new, fun and adventurous ways.

Celebrate and Inspire

From entering a gym for the first time to climbing a mountain, there is inspiration all around us! Through amazing stories of everyday women and girls, we strive to help celebrate these achievements and inspire others to try something new and daring.

Empower and Support

WarriorGrrrls believes that adventure and leadership go hand in hand, no matter the age. We move forward with a vision to identify and support opportunities and projects for women and girls that help foster an adventurous spirit.

Who is Ginger?

I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend. And I proudly provide the services that those titles suggest: chef, housekeeper, errand runner, event coordinator, mediator, Mrs. Fix-It, teacher, chauffeur, accountant, back-rubber, and yes – lingerie model.

I am all those things and enjoy every minute. However, I know that I also have to find time for myself. And because that means taking time away from those that are most important to me, I need to make sure that I am doing something that I enjoy and challenges me. And while I’m at it…I’ll try to take a few of you along for the ride!